How To Contribute

Want to partner with us and help the Matrix Profile community grow? We're always looking for help! There are two main ways you can contribute:

  • Contribute to an open-source library
  • Write a guest blog post

Contribute to an open-source library

All of our libraries are hosted on GitHub and easy to interact with - our community is extremely friendly and accessible, whether you're a seasoned open-source veteran or a newcomer looking for your first project.

Our code of conduct applies to all spaces managed by this project, including issues and pull requests, so please review our code of conduct before you start.

If you have a partial contribution, feel free to submit a pull request for review. We'll help guide you in making the contribution successful! You can also reach out to us on our Discord channel to help identify open issues that might be a good fit for you to work on.

When submitting a pull request, we ask that you check the following:

  1. All pull requests should include documentation updates, unit tests and PEP-8 compliant code standards.
  2. The contributed code will fall under a license that's shared across all of our libraries. Please be sure that it complies with those standards.
  3. All code that is implemented from a research paper must be included within the citation documentation.

Write a guest blog post

With so many powerful applications of the Matrix Profile, we're always looking for new examples of work to inspire the community and share advancements. If you've got a great topic or use case, submit it for publication to our site!

The process is easy:

  1. Reach out to the MPF team with your great idea! We're available through multiple channels and can make suggestions/etc to help with the process.
  2. Clone the MPF website and create a GitHub branch for your post. Follow the steps here to make your blog post. Can you create a Jupyter notebook/R Markdown file? Then you're already 70% of the way there.
  3. Ask any questions that come up through the process - we're here to help.
  4. When you're ready, submit a Pull Request to the master website branch and a member of the team will review. Once everything looks good, the PR will be merged and your article will appear on our website!