Meet Francisco Bischoff

Francisco Bischoff

What is your personal & professional background?

I'm a medical doctor specialized in Imunohemoteraphy. I'm a computer enthusiast since childhood and learned to program when I was about 15 yo. I have a Master in Medical Informatics and currently enrolled in a PhD for Health Data Science.

How did you get connected with the Matrix Profile and MPF?

After my MSc. I've started to study deeply time-series and looking for new methods. That's when I crossed with some Eammon's papers and after some e-mail exchanges, I got hooked by The Matrix.

What do you do at MPF?

I'm working in the R language branch in MPF with the tsmp package, as well as being involved with the API design and implementing low-level algorithms.

What excites you about the future of Matrix Profile and the MPF?

I see great potential in time-series data mining through the matrix profile. The MPF was a great achievement and will help to push the matrix profile to new boundaries.