Meet Frankie Cancino

Frankie Cancino

What is your personal & professional background?

I did my undergrad at the University of Missouri earning a B.S. in Information Technology and Computer Science with a minor in Business. After graduating from Mizzou, I started off my professional career at Target in their Data Sciences organization then moving to an analytics team. While working at Target I began earning my M.S. from the University of Minnesota in Analytics. In addition to working at Target and earning a Master's, I founded and organize the Data Science Minneapolis Meetup group.

How did you get connected with the Matrix Profile and MPF?

I originally found out about the Matrix Profile while working at Target and worked with Andrew to open-source the library matrixprofile-ts. Eventually, joining the Matrix Profile Foundation to oversee applied work and use cases.

What do you do at MPF?

Besides some day-to-day tasks, I primarily look for partnerships and applied use cases with the matrix profile libraries being maintained by the MPF. I've also presented about using the matrix profile for various use cases across the U.S. and Canada. The others branded me as "CIO", to make me sound more official.

What excites you about the future of Matrix Profile and the MPF?

What excites me most, is the potential and usefulness of this research. I'm consistently looking for ways to get a better perspective of my data. This helps me evaluate the effectiveness of models and their results across various use cases. Also, I believe the MPF can help standardize the matrix profile libraries and see to it that they reach their full potential.