Real-time STOMP algorithm

stompi_update(.mp, new_data, history_size = FALSE)



a TSMP object of class MatrixProfile.


new data to append to original data.


an int or FALSE. (Default is FALSE). Keep only this amount of data in the object. The value is for the data, not the matrix profile. Notice that the lmpand lpi will be inconsistent when repeatedly updating limiting the history size and thus will affect the mp and pi.


Returns the input .mp updated with the new information.


mp <- tsmp(mp_toy_data$data[1:200, 1], window_size = 30, verbose = 0)
mpi <- stompi_update(mp, mp_toy_data$data[201:300, 1])
#> tsmp Parsing data +4488ms 
#> Error in$w: argument of length 0
mp <- tsmp(mp_toy_data$data[1:300, 1], window_size = 30, verbose = 0)
all.equal(mp, mpi, check.attributes = FALSE)
#> Error in all.equal.list(mp, mpi, check.attributes = FALSE): object 'mpi' not found