This document describes the MPF governance model, including a description of the MPF leadership board, how decisions are made and other logistical considerations.

Roles and Responsibilities


As described in our How to Contribute and Code of Conduct sections, we welcome any community members to contribute through code improvements, blog posts or other opportunities. We fundamentally believe that the strength of the MPF comes through its community and the diverse skillsets, backgrounds, personalities and experiences.

MPF Leadership

The MPF Leadership Board is responsible for setting & maintaining the core mission of the MPF. The Leadership Board meets on the third Sunday of every month, to review high-level progress, discuss big-picture ideas and vote on future plans. Each team member receives one vote and decisions are made by simple majority. All decisions are clearly documented for future reference.

Members of the MPF community who have shown significant investment in the project may be added to the MPF Leadership Board by a simple majority vote. There is no maximum limit to the number of Board Members, but there must always be at least 5 members at any given time. Board Members can choose to step down at any given time, but must give at least two months notice in order to allow for replacement members to be selected.

Current MPF Leadership Board Members are:

  • Andrew Van Benschoten
  • Tyler Marrs
  • Francisco Bischoff
  • Frankie Cancino
  • Jackson Green

    Decision-Making Process

    Project decisions are made through discussion with all members of the community. Discussion primarily takes place on the GitHub issue tracker and the MPF Discord channel, with a final decision being made by the Leadership Board via simple-majority vote.

    Pull Requests to each library only require the approval of:

    1. The Technical Lead for each library (below)
    2. One other member of the Leadership Board.

    Note that a single nay-vote from any Leadership Board member will trigger a Board-wide review of the PR at hand.

    Technical Leads for each library are:

    • matrixprofile (Tyler Marrs)
    • tsmp (Francisco Bischoff)
    • go-matrixprofile (Andrew Van Benschoten)